Bravo! You Did It!


This is a quick and easy card to make for any celebration. It could be used for a graduation card or an anniversary card.  It could also be given to someone who had a promotion or just did something wonderful.  The thing that makes this card so easy is the All Is Calm Designer Washi Tape  It is easy to adhere.  It is sticky enough to stay on your paper but it doesn’t stick to itself (well it does stick to itself but it is easy to un-stick).  It certainly is a lot easier than cutting strips of paper and adhering them to  a card. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really need to.

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One thought on “Bravo! You Did It!

  1. This card is great. You said it’s simple, Susan, but it has a lot going on and looks so professional. The Bravo stamp set is newly on my list, as I realize I’m going to need to make many graduation cards because Alex is a senior. I think I’ll order it next month at our club meeting, unless you distract me with something else!! 🙂


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