The Open Sea

The Open Sea

The Open Sea stamp set is one of those sets you can use for a masculine birthday card.  I don’t know if men really care too much about cards unless, of course, they have money or a gift card inside it.  I still try to make them anyway.  It does let the person know you are thinking about them even if they don’t really care for cards.

My husband is a sailor and he tries to teach me all these nautical knots.  I do really well at making them until the next time.  By then, I have completely forgotten how to do it and he has to start all over again.  I used Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine to make this nautical knot for this card.  Here is a close up of it.


It came out pretty cute, don’t you think?  Rob will be so proud of me when he sees it.  I just hope he doesn’t ask me to show him how to make it because I have already forgotten!  I know.  I am hopeless.

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