Celebrate Today Club Card

Celebrate Today

This is the third card we made at our monthly club meeting.  First of all, not to make anyone feel bad, but one of my club members dropped the card in a Bermuda Bay ink pad and it left that line so just try to ignore that that line is not there.  These things happen and it is no big deal.  I can give the card to my mother because no matter what I make for her, she loves all my cards!  Mothers are great, aren’t they?

At our last meeting I showed the members how to use sponges to apply color.  This time I wanted to show them how to use the sponge daubers.  We used the star mask from the Hearts & Stars Decorative Masks pack.  It is very easy to do.  You take a piece of medical taps, which works great because it does not stick to the cardstock when you remove it) to hold down a piece of cardstock and the mask.  You just pat the sponge dauber into an ink pad and pat it onto the mask.  It makes a very cute background.  We only used Bermuda Bay but you could use different colors if you want to.

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