Here’s To An Amazing Birthday

Amazing Birthday

It is always hard for me to come up with masculine birthday cards.  You would think I would be able to figure it out pretty quickly since I have three boys (men), but I still have a hard time.  The stamp set called Amazing Birthday is one of those sets you can use for a masculine or feminine card.  You just change the colors depending on the receiver.  Black and red is perfect for a card for a man (versus pink and purple).  I am not trying to be sexist but I do know if I gave one of my sons a pink and purple card, they might look at me cross eyed!  Of course they look at me cross eyed a lot.  Good thing I am starting to get more female members in the family!  I am way out numbered!

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2 thoughts on “Here’s To An Amazing Birthday

  1. Great card, Susan! Keep marrying off those boys, and the scales will finally tip in your direction. When Amelia arrived, we finally had more “girls” than “boys” around here. Even the cat is female, so we’re on a roll. Any Pancakes news??


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