Zachary’s Father’s Day Card

2015-06-21 11.02.22

This morning my son, Zachary, went down to my stamp room and made this card for his Dad for Father’s Day.  He used a sailboat die that I happen to own.  I know it is not Stampin’ Up! but when you have a family full of sailors you need to find something to use.  He did use Sea Street for the fish, flags, line and anchor.  The inside of the card used a the Happy Father’s Day stamp from Guy Greeting.  I thought he did pretty well.  Of course, my stamp room is a mess, but that is ok.  It is worth the clean up!

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One thought on “Zachary’s Father’s Day Card

  1. Great job, Zachary! And what a wonderful son! Mine will come buzzing in here five minutes before we sit down to dinner and ask if I have one they can have. *sigh* The thought of holding a stamp in their hands would never occur to them. Does Zachary give lessons?


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