Petite Petals Thank You

Petite Petals, One Big Meaning

Today is Election Day.  You need to go vote.  I know many people don’t think their vote counts but it really does.  Many years ago, I ran for the local school board.  The election ended up in a tie vote.  I had so many people stop me on the street  the next day and say “Oh I am sorry I didn’t vote.  I just thought you would win”.  It is not exactly what anyone who runs for a public office wants to hear so make sure you vote!  It is important.  My father used to say “if you don’t vote then you can’t complain”.  So go.  Vote.  Now!  Afterwards you can stamp!

I will leave you with a smile.  Madelyn was a chicken for Halloween.  Get it?  Chicken and Waffles! (Go Vote!!).


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