Warm Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes, Holly Jolly Greetings

Here is another card using the stamp set called Winter Wishes.  Nothing says old fashioned Christmas like a sled.  When I was a kid, we lived near a golf course that had an amazing hill to sled down.  My Dad would load us all in the car, along with a giant toboggan and we would spend the day sliding.  My two sisters and I would all fit on the toboggan but none of us would ever make it to the bottom of the hill.  There were always a little girl or two thrown off when we would hit a bump.  Sometimes the toboggan would end up at the bottom of the hill without any of us.  When we got bigger, we each had out own sled or saucer to go down and my friends and I would spend hours there.  Saucers were always the most fun because you usually ended up going down the hill backwards.  People always had to get out of the way or they would get run over.  It is a fun memory!


I think Waffles is trying to climb into Madelyn’s bath!


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