Rose Wonder and Stampin’ Blends

Rose Wonder is a stamp set that is perfect to use with the new Stamping’ Blends from Stampin’ Up!.  One of the images in this set is this very large flower which is just calling to be colored.  The only issue is, I think I might have stamped this upside down.  After I made this card I saw another one similar to it and the flower was facing the other way.  Oops!

As you know, you don’t see a lot of coloring on my blog.  I am just not very good at it so I tend to stay away.  The new Stampin’ Blends are so easy to use that anyone can color.  Even I can!  These Blends come in 12 exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors plus Ivory and Bronze for skin colors and a Color Lifter to help lighten the ink if needed.

I colored the rose in the Light and Dark Calypso Coral Blends.  I choose this color because it reminds me of my father’s favorite rose called Tropicana.  My father could grow the most beautiful roses ever.  I tried to do it where I live but the winters are just too cold and the rose bushes ended up dying every year.  Of course, the first time I went to buy a rose bush from a nursery, I looked at all of them and they looked just like dead sticks.  I was thinking what the heck is wrong with this nursery that they are trying to sell dead rose bushes.  When I got home Rob asked me where the roses were and I told him how all of them looked dead.  He laughed, of course.  All rose bushes look like dead sticks in the spring.  Ok, so sometimes I am not the brightest light bulb in the pack!

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4 thoughts on “Rose Wonder and Stampin’ Blends

  1. This is beautiful, Susan. I also didn’t know rose bushes are sticks in the spring. If this is upside down, I like it better upside down. (It looks fine, though.) I like the way the words flow into the rose. Beautiful. (And you do too color we’ll. I’ve seen it.)

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  2. My dad grew roses too so I know exactly which rose you are talking about. My dad’s favorite was Mr. Lincoln until my brother bought him one that was named for Veteran’s. When we sold my parents house, my brother was able to transplant and save my dad’s roses in his yard. Too hot where I live to grow decent roses.

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