Waterfront Part Two

Yesterday I showed you a card that we made at our monthly stamp club meeting using the stamp set Waterfront.  It was a mountain lake scene.  Today’s card shows you the other theme you can make with this stamp set that is more “beachie”.  Yesterday we used the pine trees and mountains in this stamp set and today we used the palm trees.  The water and the sand are the same stamps we used yesterday.  This is such a fun set because it can make different watercolor scenes.

Have you ever done a kitchen renovation?  We are in the midst of one and it just doesn’t seem to want to go smoothly.  My sister is also doing a kitchen renovation and she is running into problems too. She ordered new appliances from one company and paid to have them installed.  The morning the appliances showed up so did one installer to put in the microwave, another installer to put in the stove, a different installer to put in the refrigerator and a fourth installer to put in the stove.  I am not exaggerating.  They sent four different installers!

So anyway, we had to pick out appliances.  Holy cow!  There are a lot to choose from.  I finally pick what I want and they were supposed to be delivered on Saturday.  They called and said they weren’t coming because it was too cold.  I wanted to say “suck it up, you live in the North Country” but I didn’t and they re-scheduled for Monday.  Monday comes and they called and didn’t want to come down my road.  I asked them why and they said they were not allowed to go down a “lake road”.  I asked what a “lake road” was and they said a road that goes to the lake!  What?  They told me I could bring my pretend pick up truck (I drive a Honda, mind you) and come to the end of the road to get the appliances, put them in my No truck, bring them to my house, unload them and then put my old ones back in the non-existent pick up truck and bring them back to the end of the road while they sat in their truck and waited.  They said they would not help because they were allowed to leave the truck unattended.  I would have to do this by myself in my pretend truck.  Whatever happened to good customer service?  So now, we have to live a couple more days with no countertops and no appliances while we wash our dishes in the bathroom sink.

My solution?  Go to my happy place stamp room!

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2 thoughts on “Waterfront Part Two

  1. I love your beach scene! Perhaps that’s where the appliance guys got the idea you’re on a ‘lake road’??? OMGee – yes, I’ve lived through a kitchen reno about 9 years ago; it’s not a happy time!! Hang in there, it’ll be over (eventually!)


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