Introducing My Star Rewards Program

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My Star Rewards Program

I am now offering a rewards program to thank all my wonderful customers for purchasing Stampin’ Up! products from me over the last ten years.  I am calling it my Star Rewards Program.

Here is how it works:

For every $50 you order from me in Stampin’ Up! merchandise you will earn a star ⭐

Collect 10 stars and you can choose $40 worth of merchandise from any current Stampin’ Up! catalog for FREE!  I will even pay the shipping and tax!

Click HERE to print out your Star Rewards Order Form

This information is also on a separate page.  You can find it on the menu bar above     or by clicking HERE.

Here is the small print:

How to Earn Star Rewards:

For every increment of $50 of product purchased (before shipping and tax), you earn a Star.  When you reach ten stars you can choose any item(s) from any current catalog up to $40.  For example, a product order of $49 would not qualify for a star.  A product order of $51 would qualify for one star.  A product order of $109 would qualify for two stars, etc.

Individual orders may not be combined to earn a star.

Qualifying product totals do not include shipping & handling, sales tax and any amounts paid toward items in the stampin’ rewards program (including 50% off items).

You are responsible for tracking your orders and stars.

Earn 10 stars and submit your $40 shopping spree to me either in person or by mail or email.  You may choose up to $40 in current Stampin’ Up! products but you cannot exceed $40 and pay the difference.

I cover the cost of shipping and handling!

Discontinued, clearance, Hostess Sets, Stampin’ Rewards and promotional products are excluded from your free choices.

I’ll confirm your qualifying customer orders and place your shopping spree order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery after the order is placed. I’ll let you know when the order is placed.

Stars expire after one year.

Terms and conditions are subject to change.  This offer is only good as long as I am a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

You can email, mail or hand me your completed form.

Start collecting your stars today!

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