Birthday Cards

Last week was my birthday and I received the most beautiful cards that I want to share with you.

This first card was made by my BFF Buffy.  First of all, you need to sit down.  Buffy sent me this card a full week before my birthday!  Buffy’s normal philosophy is you get a birthday month and not just one day so she usually sends cards a little late but as long as they arrive in your birthday month she is good.  Just look at this card.  It is gorgeous!

This next card was sent by Debby.  Debby comes to my classes every month.  I give the participants a challenge where they have to make a card using either a sketch, colors or theme.  Debby makes gorgeous cards every time.  She is a CAS (Clean and Simple) card maker like me.  I love every one of her cards!

This next card was made by Jackie.  Jackie is part of BS & J Productions and our Stamp Off Challenge so if you follow my blog you know that she makes amazing cards.  She has a great eye for colors and often puts colors together that I would never think of.  Every single one is gorgeous and I CASE (Copy And Share Everything) her often.  She also picks different stamp sets than I normally would and has made me purchase quite a few of them so she is an expensive friend!

This next card was made by Char.  She is a long time friend and one of my downline.  Char is so talented.  She makes such bright and cheery cards and this is no exception.  She teaches classes at the local library and has quite a following because her cards are so pretty.  Every card she makes is prettier than the last (if that can be even possible).

Thank you to each and every person that made me a card, bought me a card or sent me a birthday wish.  I truly appreciate each of you.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Cards

  1. These are all so awesome, Susan! Jusr so you know, though, if you received your card earlier than usual, it reduces the days that you can celebrate “Birthday Month.” When you receive it on the 5th of August, you can still celebate through the 5th of September. But if you receive it on the 30th of August, you can celebrate all through September. (This is why I always send it late; then you can celebrate through October. But wait! I still have some birthday stuff to send you!!! The celebration continues.) Hope your birthday was the best ever! IFLY!!!!


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