Parisian Beauty

Have you ever been to Paris?  I was lucky enough to go on a business trip with Rob.  Zachary, my son, was 16 at the time and he came with us.  We had the best time.  While Rob was in meetings, Zachary and explored the city.  It is a beautiful city with so much to see.  There are also a few places a tourist should not go (which, of course, we ended up in).

I remember the first thing I wanted to do when I went to Paris is to sit in an outdoor cafe and have a glass of wine so that was one of the first things we did.  I had wine and Rob and Zachary had a beer.  Yes, I know Zach was only 16 but when in Paris……  I took French in high school but I didn’t remember a lot of it and I couldn’t really read the menu.  I just ordered a vin blanc hoping that was a glass of white wine (and it was).  Rob and Zach each picked a beer from the menu.  Rob’s came in a normal beer glass.  Zachary’s came in a little tiny glass.  It turns out that Zachary ordered a beer with a shot of tequila in it!

I am not a big museum person and there was still a lot of places to visit.  We did go to the Louvre and if it wasn’t for Rob and Zachary I would have been through in it a couple of hours.  “Oh, there is the Mona Lisa.  How nice!”  Next?  Of course, you couldn’t get within 5 feet of the Mona Lisa due to a lot of tourist buses that had arrived but I did see it fairly up close.  It is smaller than I thought but otherwise it looks just like the photographs.  See?  I told you I wasn’t into museums.

In any case, I made this card using the Parisian Beauty stamp set and the matching Parisian Dies (you can save 10% by purchasing them in a Bundle).  If was a very simple card to make and now that I look at it, I realized there is no stamping involved.  I cut out the Eiffel Tower and the swirl using two of the dies in this set in Pool Party cardstock.  Then I cut out the sentiment in Basic Gray cardstock.  I used the Parisian Blossoms Specialty Designer Series Paper for the background.  I also had these two rectangle frames I had previously cut out and were sitting in my scrap pile for a while so I decided to use them as a frame.

If you can ever go to Paris, go.  You will not regret it!

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2 thoughts on “Parisian Beauty

  1. I love how you’ve layered the frames for a great layout! Our plan currently is to spend a day in Paris on our return from Ukraine – but we may have to postpone our trip! (we’re supposed to travel May 20th). Fingers crossed

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