Big Changes Happening Tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 4th brings a lot of excitement in the world of Stampin’ Up!®.  First of all, the new August-December Mini Catalog (previous known as the Holiday Catalog) begins.  This catalog is full of amazing products that you are going to love!  Check back to tomorrow to see this catalog online.

Also tomorrow the Stampin’ Up!® website will have a new look.  The CURRENT online store will go offline at midnight (MT) on 4 August and will remain offline permanently from that point forward.  The NEW online Store site will go live at 7:00 AM (MT) on 4 August, at which point you can start ordering from the 2020 Aug-Dec Mini Catalog and any other current product

There are many new features and improvements in the new online store, that are summarized below.

  • The store is designed to work seamlessly on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • The site utilizes new, larger imagery to better showcase the products and allow up-close details to be seen
  • New and improved store navigation provides an updated and enhanced shopping experience
  • Products will now include backorder, low inventory or retiring soon statuses
  • Coupon Codes and Host Codes have moved to under the “checkout box”
  • You can mark your favorite items and create personalized wish lists – yay!!
  • A new Quick Shop feature makes it easy to add items to your cart. We have also simplified the checkout process.
  • You will be able to add/save your payment information (many of you have asked for that).

Things to do TODAY:

  • As this will be a brand new site, your account password will only work if you enter it manually (for the first time).
  • If you know your password – then you’re ready to go.
  • If you have your password saved/bookmarked in your browser – it will not “auto-enter” from your browser, so you’ll need to enter it manually.
  • If you do NOT remember your password you can do one of two things.
    • make sure to log into your account prior to August 4th.  Then you can create a new password and write it down for your record keeping.
    • You can also look through your browsers preferences and find your password there.  For example, in Safari, you can click on Safari>Preferences>Passwords and find your password there.  I am sure the other browsers can do the same..
  • After logging in on August 4th, you can then have your browser save/bookmark your password again (along with the new website link).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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