A Masculine Birthday Card

Starburst Sayings, Dude You're Welcome

Stampin’ Up! has a few different kits they offer in the Annual Catalog and the Holiday Catalog.  A couple of weeks ago I showed you some Christmas cards made with the kit called Watercolor Winter.  You can see the cards HERE.

In the Annual Catalog they have a kit for men called Dude, You’re Welcome.  I bought this kit for Rob and he has actually made a couple of cards with it.  You can see one of his cards HERE.  I made this card using one of the pieces of cardstock that comes in the Dude You’re Welcome Kit (Shhhh – don’t tell Rob).  It really have very nice cardstock in this kit.  It is heavy duty and has some great patterns.  I added the Happy Day stamp from the set called Starburst Sayings.  This set has matching Framelits called Starburst.  Then I added a few Candy Dots to the bottom right corner.

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Dude, You’re Welcome From My Husband

I bought the Dude, You’re Welcome Kit for Rob soon after it came out last January.  Since that time, with my help, he made a thank you card for his secretary and another thank you card for a friend.  My birthday was a couple of weeks ago.  Much to my surprise, he made me a birthday card without my help at all.  It was a total surprise and he didn’t even make a big mess in my stamp room (well, if he did, he cleaned it up!).

Here is the front of his card:


He used the Dude, You’re Welcome Kit and By The Tide for the seahorses.

Here is the back:


On the back he used Hearts A Flutter and the duck stamp I carved for him from the Undefined Kit.  Do you see how he wrote “#3 In A Collector Series”?  That is because it is his third card and someday it might be worth something to someone other than me!  To me it is worth a bunch!

He did a great job!  I think all you out there should buy the Dude, You’re Welcome Kit for your significant other!

Rob Plays With Dude, You’re Welcome

Rob, my husband, came home from work last night and said he needed to have a card for his secretary.  I bought him the Dude, You’re Welcome Kit a while ago but he has never used it so I made him come down into my stamping area, which was a struggle!  He thought he should be able to stamp upstairs but I wasn’t going to lug all my stuff up there.  He says “what stuff?”.  Well you know, there is more to stamping than just ink!  You need a cutter, adhesive, ink, paper, and Stampin Mist to clean the stamps on a Stampin Scrub.  At that point I just got an eye roll but he did come downstairs.

The first thing he had to do was figure out how to open an ink pad.  Here is the results of that adventure:

Rob's Inky Fingers

Rob’s Inky Fingers

He wanted a Thank You card but when he saw the #%&@! stamp he thought that would be much more fun.  I had to remind him this was a card for his secretary.  So he inked up the thank you stamp (I was all prepared for this venture because I sealed the wood prior to him making a mess, thank goodness) and practiced stamping it on the paper mat.  Then he stamped it on the card stock.  He did pretty well with that but decided he needed more than just Thank You.  I pulled out my The Open Sea set, which he loved and then started stamping all over the place.  Here is the result:

Rob's Card

Rob’s Card

Not too bad, huh?

Dude, You’re Welcome Meets Washi Tape

Ok.  I confess.  I bought my husband the Dude, You’re Welcome Kit in March for his birthday and he has not used it once so I had to.  He keeps telling me he hasn’t had a reason to use it yet.  I actually love the paper in this kit.  It is a heavy weight and has some great designs on it.  I added lines of the new Washi Tape from Stampin Up and thought it all looked great together!  I think he would like the Basic Gray striped tape but the Calypso Coral tape might be pushing it a bit.

Dude, You're Welcome!

Dude, You’re Welcome!