Stationary For My Mom

Sophistricated Serifs

My Mom turned 90 in April.  It was really hard to think of gifts she wanted (and needed) to buy for her.  What do you get a 90 year old?  When I went to visit her earlier in the year, she handed me a Miles Kimball catalog and had picked out three things she wanted.  She said my two sisters and I should each buy her one of those things.  Normally that would be okay but each of the items she picked were under $15.00.  Actually, one was $14.99 and the other two were under $10.  Now I know Mom doesn’t like us spending too much money on her but $10?  I don’t think so!  I ended up buying her all three items myself.  My sisters were on their own!

I also made her a set of these cards so she could use them as thank you cards for any gifts she got from friends.  Turned out I should have made a lot more than I did.  She had three birthday parties and lots of gifts!  The problem is she thinks the cards I made are way to nice to use!  Sigh.

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