Kinda Eclectic

Kinda Eclectic

I made this very simple card using the stamp set called Kind Eclectic.  I was trying to figure out what sentiment should go on it when I decided to just leave it blank.  If it doesn’t have a specific sentiment then you can use it for anything!

Here is a little tip.  Sometimes when I am not sure about where to put a sentiment, what color to use and/or what stamp to use, I will stamp one on a plain piece of Whisper White card stock and just lay it over the card in different places.  That way you can see where it looks the best.  Once you figure out where it would look the best you can stamp it in the right spot.  That way you don’t ruin a card if you happen to not like where you put it.

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2 thoughts on “Kinda Eclectic

  1. First, I love my Kinda Eclectic stamp set. It makes such a variety of cards! Second, um … what a great idea to stamp the sentiment on a separate piece of paper and move it around. I’ve only been stamping a hundred years and never even thought of it. Thanks for the tip! 🙂


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