Happy Birthday By The Seashore

Happy Birthday Zachary

Happy Birthday Zachary

I made this birthday for two reasons.  The first and most important is today is Zachary’s birthday.  Zachary is the youngest of my 3 boys and I am not going to tell you how old he is because it makes me feel even older than I already do!  Now it is probably a good thing that Zachary does not subscribe to my blog because he probably would not be happy reading this entry.  The reason I used By The Seashore was because it has an image of a crab.  When he was little, he often got a little crabby so we would hold him upside down to shake the crabs out.  This usually got him giggling which got him out of the crabby mood he was in.  Worked every time!  The problem is now he is sort of stuck with the crab motif.  He has crab lights, signs, and even a sink drain with a crab on it.  Every time we give him something like this, it still makes me smile so I guess we will keep doing it.

The second reason I made this card is because I am a hoarder.  Yes, I confess.  I hoard Designer Series Paper, brads, buttons, ribbon, etc..  I am trying to stop doing that by using the things I buy.  So I used some of my Washi Tape (actually three whole pieces of it!) to make this card.

So Happy Birthday Zachary.  May your day be full of giggles and smiles!

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